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July, 2020: The Board of Directors and Staff of Safe Harbor Family Church UCC would like to offer our thanks to the elected officials of Mississippi for their decision to retire Mississippi’s state flag. We firmly agree that a Confederate symbol of oppression and violence has no place on a state flag that is meant to represent all the people of Mississippi.

We have all heard that the flag stands for “heritage, not hate.” Unfortunately, this recalls only the heritage of defiant whites, while ignoring the deadly price inflicted on our Black brothers and sisters. Mississippi’s history is clear: the state fought a war to preserve slavery. Let us be equally clear today – slavery is evil, and should never be allowed in a civilized society.

Our state is now presented with the opportunity to pick a new flag that represents all of its citizens – one that will instill pride, hope, and unity. In November, we will all have the opportunity to vote on our new state flag. If you are an adult, and you aren’t registered to vote, please get registered! Every voice is needed.