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Christian Education

Safe Harbor is a wonderful place to ask questions, raise doubts, and try out new ideas. Here, we meet together with others who are also on a journey of meaning-making in our lives. We might think and feel differently, and that diversity is precisely what is beneficial for our community. We can challenge one another, point out different perspectives, share our experiences, and give one another food for thought. In these ways, we help to form one another in our covenantal community and provide opportunities for growth. Please join us for Christian Education on Sunday evenings at 5pm before the worship service!

Nursery and Play Area

Our congregation is intentionally multi-generational, which means that we want our babies, toddlers, children, and youth to be active participants in our community life and worship. Parents and/or families with little ones are welcome in the worship service and all community events. We appreciate the joyful noises they bring to our community, and embrace all of our congregants no matter their age or their noise levels!

If your little one needs a break from the adults, we get it. We have a nursery in the Community Building that is available for children and parents under 5 years old, stocked with toys, games, and books. You’re welcome to use it any time our doors are open! We also have a play area in the entryway of the Worship Building so that during worship services, you can listen to the service while your little ones play, and rejoin the service whenever your little one is ready.

Kids’ Harbor
Our children (pre-K through 5th grade) gather at 5 pm each Sunday before worship to engage in learning activities centered on God’s love for them and others. Our teachers are volunteers from the Safe Harbor community, who undergo background checks and boundary training every year. Their love for our kids is inspiring, and we are grateful for their work with our precious little congregants. Please join us in the Education Building for Kids’ Harbor each week as we learn about the Creator’s love, Jesus’ life and ministry, and the Spirit of Christ that enlivens the church. The kids are also invited to go forward during each worship service for a children’s sermon with the pastor or director of Christian Education.

Our youth group is a safe place where 6th through 12th graders can explore who they are and who they are becoming. We have discussions, engage in service projects, and have a lot of fun with friends. Our teachers are volunteers from the Safe Harbor community, who undergo background checks and boundary training every year. Their work of connecting with our youth as mentors is invaluable. Join us in the Education Building at 5 pm every other Sunday before worship, where we go with the flow!

Adult Education

We will begin our adult education programming in the Fall of 2020. Stay tuned for details! In the meantime, please follow our Theologian in Residence (TIR) on Instagram (@TIR_SafeHarborUCC), and check out her monthly TIR Connection.

Through the generous funding of the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ, we have a well-stocked library filled with resources for children, youth, parents, and families who want to incorporate Christian education into their family life. Please stop by our library in the Community Building (in the church office) to check out a couple of books! You can take them with you and return them when you’re finished reading.

Please contact our Director of Christian Education for further details!