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There are many opportunities to get involved at Safe Harbor. We pray that God will lead you to serve in one or several of our ministry opportunities.

Join our celebration choir which sings once a month during our "each one, reach one - birthday bash Sunday service. The ensemble on Sunday nights is called "UNITED"  the celebration choir is called "One Voice". When they sing together once a month at each one reach one birthday bash, we call them, "United in One Voice."

Calling all instrumentalists. We need you too! We are seeking to expand our music ministry. Opportunities for singing in the praise team, helping to lead the music on Wednesday nights, or playing an instrument. If you are gifted in music, we need you!

POPA is a 12 month study group of discussion and self discovery.  After completion of this course, people can join Shepherds' task force. Class meets once a month. The course is run once a year. Stop by the information desk and pick up a flyer with more information. See Cindy for information on the next class.

Shepherds' Task Force
Shepherd's Task Force is an active group of members and friends of Safe Harbor who diligently work for harmony and well being of our faith community and our worship life. Come join us and share the joy of service and outreach to the congregation and wider community.  Pastor Ann Michele is glad to talk with you about serving with STF.

Wednesday night food groups committees
Ever wonder who provides the food on Wednesday nights? Join one of eight teams that rotate to provide food for the Wednesday night Life lesson service. Speak to Glenn at church.

Craft Group
The Craft group is a group of 20 plus people who gather monthly at someones home to make crafts for personal use and charity.

Grace House rides to church Sunday and Wednesday
We have several Grace House residents that attend Safe Harbor. They need rides to and from church for both Wednesday and Sunday nights. Please sign up anytime to offer rides to these people at the information desk in the fellowship hall.

Church Retreat
This event occurs once a year at a local site. We have a time of refreshing and renewal. We get to know each other better and use to the time to draw closer to God.

New Members Class
This class occurs every 3-4 months. It is a informative meeting where our staff shares information about the church to people who are interested in joining the church or have recently joined. Dates and times are announced on the website, church bulletin, and during the services.

Interpretive Sign Language Ministry
The Interpretive Sign Language Ministry meets on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. (before Church meal) in the Children’s room. If you would like to learn basic sign language to interpret music, come and have fun with us. Moving with music using sign language is an incredible blessing. Beginners are especially welcome. I encourage all to come and try it!

The group also requests your suggestions of a song that you would like hear/see interpreted through sign language during a worship service. Suggestions are always welcome...and we will see what we can do.

Progressive Christians at Millsaps
Safe Harbor has covenanted with Millsaps College, the United Church of Christ Southeastern Conference, and Rev. Dr. Shelli Poe to offer a campus ministry to students at Millsaps College. The group is ecumenical, inviting students from any background to join them in supporting a type of Christianity that is different from what most find in Mississippi. The ministry is committed to social justice, celebrating diversity, and open discussion of our deepest questions and convictions. They meet once a week for lunch and once a month for discussion. If you know a high schooler who wants to go to a progressive college in Mississippi, or a college student (at Millsaps or elsewhere) who wants to meet other college students who are progressive, please refer them to the ministry! You can also get involved by liking our facebook page—just search for “Progressive Christians at Millsaps”—so that you’ll know what is going on each month. Contact Shelli Poe with your questions or comments.